Important information!(Regarding COVID19 vaccine)

  • 2021.06.16

Now, COVID19 vaccination has begun for healthcare workers and the elderly, albeit little by little, against the spread of the new coronavirus. Vaccination efforts are also planned at companies and universities. Under such circumstances, the number of inquiries regarding vaccination of pregnant women is increasing rapidly. We will present the latest information on this by Japanese academic societies.

In summary

At present, it is considered to be highly safe for pregnant women in the short term. Although there are some unclear points in the medium to long term, the benefits of inoculation are thought to outweigh the risks.
Do not exclude pregnant women from vaccination. Consider inoculation positively, especially in populated areas. At the time of vaccination, the obstetrician and gynecologist should fully explain that the long-term side reactions and safety have not been established. Follow up in the hospital for about 30 minutes after inoculation. At this time, there are no reports that mRNA vaccine causes teratogenicity or fetal placental damage, but avoid vaccination until 12 weeks. Vaccination at an obstetrics and gynecology facility is desirable, and fetal heartbeat should be checked before and after vaccination as much as possible. If you do not inoculate at the maternity facility, you should have a maternity checkup within one week.
Those who have an underlying disease such as diabetes should consider it positively.
Pregnant women’s partners consider vaccination.
Those who wish to become pregnant should receive it before pregnancy.

In conclusion, although there is room for debate about the safety of vaccines in the medium to long term, it is considered to be highly safe in the short term, and patients living in Osaka prefecture based on the current infection situation. Considering that the area has a particularly large population, vaccination is actively considered.

We are currently preparing individual COVID19 vaccine inoculations at our clinic, and will start vaccination reservations in a few days. We accept reservations from the 13th week of pregnancy onwards.

Before and after vaccination, we will also accept fetal heartbeat confirmation reservations.

For patients who have been vaccinated at your company etc., we will check the fetal heartbeat after vaccination, so if you wish, we would appreciate it if you could make a reservation.